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Team Up With an Emergency Plumber in Lubbock, TX

At Leak-Tek Plumbing, we help you when you need us the most. We have served homes and businesses in Lubbock, TX, for many years. During this time, our quality emergency plumbing services have restored many properties to their original state. As one of the most trusted plumbing companies in the area, we have an outstanding reputation for fast response to urgent plumbing service calls. We have prevented catastrophic water damage in hundreds of properties. So, when we say you can count on us, we mean it. Our emergency plumber is available to answer plumbing service calls at any time of the week. So, don’t let water ruin your home.

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In Need of 24-Hour Emergency Plumbing?

We’re proud to call ourselves a 24-hour emergency plumbing company. Call now to let us help you with your plumbing emergency!

Prevent Future Problems With Thorough Plumbing Maintenance Services

We’re One Call Away

Our plumbing service calls entail more than just minor repairs and upgrades. We conduct a thorough visual inspection of your main sewer lines and in-house plumbing using modern tools for accurate data. Once the results are in, we pinpoint the exact location of the damage. Then, we proceed to share the best available options on how to deal with it. Most of the time, it is hard for the untrained eye to spot a problem in the piping system. In time, the damage increases until it is beyond repair. For this reason, we tailor our emergency plumbing to weed out hidden plumbing issues before they become a liability.

Also, our preventative maintenance ensures unforeseen repairs and replacements are dealt with promptly. With our custom plumbing maintenance, your property gets the attention it deserves from the ground up. It’s time to put a stop to your plumbing disasters and high water bills with assistance from our emergency plumber.

Get Your Pipes Serviced Regularly by One of Lubbock’s
Most Trusted Plumbing Companies

The quality of your piping material dictates its longevity. Also, the pipe installation affects the flow of water and sewage in and out of your property. The only way to be certain of the state of your plumbing is to get regular pipe maintenance service by an experienced company. On every plumbing service call, Leak-Tek Plumbing makes sure your piping system meets the standards and is free from clogs and leaks. We also handle replacements for pipes that are obsolete and beyond repair. Our pipe maintenance procedures are fast and efficient—we’ll be done and out of your property in no time. Thanks to our hard work and reliable workmanship, the scope of help that our emergency plumber can provide has expanded to cover the entire Lubbock, TX region.