We offer discounts to military clients.

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Preferred Customer Membership 

Benefits of a Preferred Customer Member

  • A great perk with the Club, your technician will often catch and repair small problems before they become serious. It is less expensive to repair small issues than to wait and replace large plumbing or HVAC issues.
  • The equipment will perform at peak performance for a longer life span.
  • You gain knowledge of your plumbing or HVAC’s status. You have the opportunity to be proactive instead of reactive. You will know what to expect in the near future which provides you peace of mind and promises you the opportunity to plan financially.
  • Preventative maintenance for your HVAC system ensures a more efficient operation, lower energy costs, a longer life span for your entire system, and fewer breakdowns when you can least afford them. It’s peace of mind for a system that you rely on every single day.
  • Save $ with a Membership: One of our plumbing or HVAC team members will give your home a thorough inspection.
  • Receive priority repair scheduling over non-members: As a member, you qualify to be moved to the front of the line for emergency service calls.
  • Receive a 10% Discount: Club members receive all advertised and unadvertised discounts. Also, receive 10% discounts on all service calls year-round.
  • Flat Rate Service for Inspections: Again, you can plan financially per year for inspections

PLUMBING - Inspections are Yearly

$8.95/month or $99/year

• Toilets - confirm proper operations and that there are no leaks (internal tank workings are replaced at no cost)
• Faucets and shower/tub trim - check for leaks and proper operation
• Water lines - confirm there is no exposed damage
• Pipes - confirm there are no leaks
• Drains - confirm sinks are not leaking and drain has proper ow
• Washing machine - confirm hoses are not leaking and are draining properly
• Water heater - confirm there are no leaks or corrosion, check for safety and confirm there are no gas leaks
• Unclog drains upon annual inspection

HVAC - Inspections are Yearly

$15/month or $179/year

• Check and calibrate the thermostat
• Inspect and tighten electrical connections
• Check system controls
• Lubricate any and all moving parts
• Clean evaporator and condenser coils
• Check and clean the ignition and burner assembly
• Clean and adjust blower components
• Check and clean or replace basic air filters
• Replace all batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

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